Table view default for lists

Hey all,

One of my kids is making a playlist editing program. One of their features is a random song generator from the list. When the song displays it displays the list in list view and not table view. Is there a way to make table view the default view for lists?


It goes to table view if there is at least 1 item that is a list that has at least 2 items, it will be in table view. This does only happen if you set the variable though, the watcher doesn't change to table view if you just modify the list.

Is that the only way, is there no way to default to having a table view with only 1 column?

No, but you can manually set the watcher to table view, then only use the add / delete / replace list blocks on the list.

There's a block I made in my custom blocks project:

Custom Blocks 2 script pic

You can find it here:

Go to the variables category, scroll down, right-click on the block, and click export block definition.
You can also drag-n-drop the above image into the Snap! code editor, which will automatically import the block.

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