Table view: Column letters count incorrectly past Z

When nested lists in Table View extend beyond 26 items, the letters stack on, entering column labels with multiple letters.

However, this is a discrepancy as Table View appears to resemble a spreadsheet, yet many spreadsheet editors count AA, then AB, then AC, then from AZ to BA. But Snap counts columns with AA, then BB, then CC, then from ZZ to AAA, then to BBB. This causes the number of digits in column labels to increase very quickly.

I feel like this is a simple lapse in memory by someone making an incorrect assumption of how column letters in spreadsheets count past Z. Could this be corrected?

The column headers are just different :slight_smile:

Since you can't reference a column by the header label, they are just decoration

Everyone decorates their house differently :slight_smile:

I understand that column labels are purely for display purposes, yet the issue here still stands: I don't see any reason to believe that the choice to label columns their current way was an intentional and justified choice; I truly believe that the current configuration was made due to someone misunderstanding how columns are labelled.

When your inner lists begin to gain hundreds upon hundreds of rows, you get row labels like JJJJJJJJJJJJJJ very quickly. You can of course hover mouse to get the actual column number, but the appearance discrepancy sticks out to me because I am quite used to working with large spreadsheets.

Unless I see reason why a choice to break standards is intentional, I view it as a correction that can be made, and I view small corrections like these with an "if it doesn't cause problems, why not" mindset rather than a "why bother, too much work" mindset, hence why I'm raising it.

You can hover the column label to get its column number. If you hover on AA, you get 27. If you hover on BB, you get 28. If you hover on ZZ, you get 52. If you hover on AAA, you get 53. If you hover on AAAA, you get 79.

  • ZZZZ = 104
  • AAAAA = 105
  • AAAAAAAAAA = 209

the thing you see when you hover the column

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