SyntaxError /u201c


This also happened when I did window.alert(“{url}”)

/u201c is the Unicode for “

Happens with anything I put, lol, djskskxj, oh wow this is a sentence, anything.

@helicoptur JS expert I need you:/

why are you posting about this on the snap forums?

Because I am trying to make custom blocks and this is happening with almost every block I am making that uses JS and it is really annoying.

Edit: It’s funny how if I disable JS I get a syntax error still instead of JS disabled.

sigh. i suppose this is kind of related to Snap...
Click on the arrow in the run block and put the orange variable in the second slot of the run block, then do this in the second slot of the green jsf block:


Varname must be the same name as the name you put in the first input of the green jsf block. it's case sensitive too.

Did you just have a chinese ""?

Please send a picture of the block it says it can not find a reference to it.

i think that's unlikely

“on my chinese keyboard

Nvm I fixed it, thanks.

Mine is “” and mine is English (US)

Without a syntax error, the JavaScript function reporter will still report a JavaScript function regardless of whether JavaScript extensions are turned on. Any syntax error will cause the reporter to throw. Only when trying to call or run it would it throw the JS disabled error if it is disabled.

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