Synopsis Software, and a Productivity Suite

Yep, I'm making a company-group thing. It's meant to be Hyposyn, but more towards productivity and actual software (rather than sims). I'm also hiring people now. Reply the project which you're really proud of, and if I give confirmation, you can do whatever you want!

Also, I'm making a Productivity Suite (like office). I was experimenting with fonts on Snap! and it's really viable. HypoMaps will be integrated into the suite, renamed (Hyposyn has full rights to call it whatever they want it to be). The word software will be the first to get published, and it will have font-sizing options, background colors, and maybe even text centering options?

The sad part is that this word software won't have document saving. Since it requires more work on LS rather than the actual frontend, and the Frontend is supposed to be the main feature of this.

Alpha is here: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
Report bugs, please!

So are we actually..

Can I join?
I love non-simulations!

We make actual software, SnipOS is a causal experiment I created as a hobby, The real big stuff comes in mid february

The text disappears after a while.

Yeah i noticed that also.

the project page always makes the project 538x404, so you should always set the project stage size to that.
also make sure to align everything to the pixel so that fullscreen works properly.

i'm not sure why the screen is taken and restamped every frame anyways.

And on our GitHub/Replit (C++)