Switching to a Translated version displays wrong default option in properties menu

Noticed the following error on switching to the TR version:

CostumePropertyProblem2 CostumePropertyProblem3

The translation strings are as follows:

    '%img of costume %cst':
        '%cst kostümünün %img',

I had to switch the %img and %cst positions to accomodate TR grammar. And this actually works OK .

However, when the Language is first switched and the block is displayed, it displays the wrong selection as the default. Once the menu is activated by clicking the black triangle , then the correct selections are shown.
ie: TR version should have displayed "Kaplumbaga" or nothing as the default and NOT "genisligi", which is a selection for the next parameter.

A similar error occurs in the sound properties blocks:

	'%aa of sound %snd':
        '%snd sesinin %aa',

SoundPropertyProblem SoundPropertyProblem2

It's not that it's displaying the wrong text; it's displaying it in the wrong position. The default in question is "width", which (I gather) translates to "genisligi" correctly. But you want it in the second input slot.

This is why Jens says switching the order of inputs in translations is unsupported. It's on the "yeah, we really need to fix this eventually" list.