Swap easing styles on the animation library.. again

i already made a topic on this but its still a really annoying issue that is yet to be fixed

the animation library's easing functions are inversed

here's an example

snap "quadradic in"

actual "quadradic in"

snap "quadradic out"

basically any easing that says "in" behaves like "out" and vice versa
it kind of defeats the entire purpose of the library (being to add easing functions) and then have the one thing it does not be correct
this is still really annoying to fix because every time you use the library you have to go into the easing block and invert all its functions and then i forget i did it already and accidentally change it back to the wrong one its just a mess

it cant be too hard to fix you just have to replace the "easing []" block with this one
Actually raycaster script pic
and it fixes the whole library

Ha! Look at that! You're right, thank you. At some point I must've swapped the names. Geez.
I logged this as an issue to be fixed for the next (substantial) release: Names of Easing Functions in Animation Library are Swapped · Issue #3248 · jmoenig/Snap · GitHub

yippie :slight_smile:

At first I worried it would break older projects but those older projects will be using the older version of the library as well so it should still be fine

exactly, I don't think swapping the names is going to affect any old project. If you like feel free to send me pull-request, then you've got your name/handle officially in the repo :wink:

(if you don't care for Github, no worries, I'll do it myself, but don't hold your breath, I've opened a Github issue so don't forget about it while I'm entrenched in other campaigns)

Yeah my school doesn’t let us use email accounts outside our organization nor receive emails from outside our organization. So I can sign up for a GitHub on here

that's fine, don't worry. You've helped a lot by reporting this (funny!) naming glitch!

Also, shouldn't untitled script pic be untitled script pic (1), and untitled script pic (1) be untitled script pic?


looks right to me - block returns the maximum value of it's arguments

nah, I think now you're the one who's gotten confused :wink:

I see now; the max block picks the greater value provided in the block's inputs, and the min block does the opposite. I've never messed around with them as much as I have now.

This has now been added!

Thank you so so so much!