SVG mode recording
This could be used to record pen strokes,so that they display later.
Adding procedures to the "SVG" directly is possible,therefore I accidentally simulated the way of hiding trojan horses in svg.:stuck_out_tongue:

Don't alter the __temp variable,I had to use a global variable after messing up with all the scopes and continuations.

We do that for you! Turn on "Log pen vectors" about halfway down the Settings menu. Then grab a PEN TRAILS block from the Pen menu into the scripting area, right-click it, and choose the second option, "pen vectors." When run, this block will report an SVG costume of everything you've drawn since the last CLEAR.

Yeah,but stamping it and then recollecting it would turn it into another bitmap,and it doesn't register written text

Yeah, I guess. (Although we don't really handle text in costumes altogether.)