Suppressing replies

is there a way to suppress forum replies?
what i mean by that is making it so the reply that you send won't notify everyone

i'm asking because i got bored and wanted to chat in a local communities topic, but i didn't want to annoy everyone who was involved since it was over a year old

if not, then consider this a feature request (if you can, maybe a whitelist for who'll be notified)

You get to specify in your user preferences which topics you're watching. ("Watching" is a technical term in the forum. It means that you get notified about activity in the topic.)

And we don't want the people speaking in a topic to be able to unwatch it for other users -- then you get unmoderated chats, which are a no-no.

how about if you're about to post in an old topic? only the first post (yours) will be suppressed, and if someone decides to continue the conversation, they can

Necroposting is discouraged. Some topics close if a month without another reply goes by.

I think you're missing the point: We don't want you to hide your posts. If you post in a topic, old, new, or purple, we want to know about it.

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