Support for pen trails as vector graphics (SVG)

Hello, Thank you for this wonderfull Christmas gift ! svg export of pentrails. It's so fantastic !

And now, I wonder whether it was possible to include svg costumes in the exported pen trails as svg. Because, it does not work at this time :
Here is the pic of the stage

and here is the svg exported file :
svg file
As you can see, there is no leaves, and my leaves are svg costumes of sprites that I stamped. To save the svg costumes, I also tried to create a clone instead of stamping...
-> Is there anything I misunderstood ?
-> Is it a lot of work to include this export ? Because I would like to send nice svg flowers (obtained by exporting the stage in Snap!) for Christmas...

Thanks a lot if you could do something to help !

Hello, Natalie
You need to use the "Pen down" and "Move <__> steps" (and "Turn" or "Point to") blocks only, because the SVG pentrails are created only this way (i.e. not by stamping or cloning costumes even if the costumes are themselves SVGs - it doesn't matter.).

So, you need to use a subroutine that will draw the leaves by using the "Pen down" and "Move" blocks.

At least that's my opinion. Maybe I am wrong, but this is how I understand the SVG pentrails creation process.

No, I guess you are right. I'll wait for the next version of Snap!, perhaps in 2020 ?
Thank you for your answer.

As it is shown here (it's a SVG-pentrails-making remix of a tree-drawing project by Jens), in fact there is no need to use any clones to draw leaves at the end of the smallest branches at all.

OK, but just how does one export svg pentrails?

Very nice ! Thanks a lot !