I would like to request these blocks:
send [] to clipboard::grey
run ((clipboard [costume v]::grey)@addInput::grey ring)@addInput::control
download file [] named [] extension (.txt v)::grey
run((import [.mp3] [audio/mp3] [mpeg]@delInput@addInput files::grey)@addInput::grey ring)@addInput::control
run((read file [pls add a special file input type also that would be super cool] as [text v]::grey )@addInput::grey ring)@addInput::control
be added to the JS category.

ok, I was working with DOM manipulation tho

the clipboard blocks are DOM manipulation.

the js category color is too light/bright to read easily, especially in flat mode.

Flat design is dark...

Exactly. It hurts your eyes.

Local File System API is pretty recent and only supported under a flag in Chrome and by default in Chrome Canary, so a "read file" block wouldn't work about anywhere

the user can import files that you can then read in the browser. All of those blocks helicoptur suggested have been made in snap already, in some form. For the importing files, well, File import library

Sorry, I understood it as "open /home/rubenverg/hello.txt" which would use FS APIs. Import prompts are fine.

probably just reload the page

It's a bug in

Well it doesn't work now too of the links except the github one. One returns it is not a secure connection and refreshing don't work and other gives run the repl to see the output which i cannot do anything about. You have to set it up.
Only this works