This topic is for discussing my SuperSnap mod.


what features are you adding?

Whats new in v1.0.1:

  • Flat design is now dark

How do you add a block?

So what would be the code to add a new block?

Read the document.

oh, ok.

I understand adding the block, but not making the block do something

maybe.... read..... the..... document..... like.... it...... says.

In objects .js


SpriteMorph.prototype.initBlocks = function () {
    SpriteMorph.prototype.blocks = {

        // Motion
        test: {
          only: SpriteMorph,
          type: 'command',
          category: 'motion',
          spec: 'log %n',
          defaults: ['hello']


In threads.js


Process.prototype.test = function (bar) { console.log(bar); };


but the block doesnt show up in motion

EDIT: @helicoptur ?

Edit SpriteMorph.prototype.blockTemplates.

It's only been 30 minutes! This isn't an instant messaging service, for the hundred thousandth time.

Where is SpriteMorph.prototype.blockTemplates?

in memory, it's located at SpriteMorph.prototype.blockTemplates.

I mean what js file?

I don't know for sure, though I'd assume it's at src/blocks.js.

It's actually src/objects.js AFAIK

Nevermind, I got it

im fixing it