Super Snap Bros

So I've been gone experimenting, and animating stuff and a bunch of other things.
I was messing around, and eventually, I made a little fighter game, and it's very basic of course, but it's right here:
I began experimenting more, and I ended up creating a pushable box

If you're wondering who conveniecepanel is, it's me, the account is simply for old projects or tests.

i found out that when you touch the box and press the other arrow key in the oppisite direction then you can fling the boxezgif-2-57a41a4e27db

Yeah it is quite a weird glitch.. I'm working on fixing that, I'm unsure of how to though..

i like the glitch, its fun to use

Oh, okay cool!
The one tiny problem I have with the glitch is walls, in testing I found that if you push the box against a wall you phase right through the box.

"This is obviously 1000000000 times better than smash bros."

As if that was true!

Reminds me of grabs from the aforementioned Smash Bros.

Yeah lol
I made it when I had a nostalgia moment, I was thinking about Super Smash Flash. I was just messing around mostly.

yeah i like both of the projects

the games are basically smash bros, but with cubes

That joke went right over your head.

i have a better gif of how many times in a row i could fling it

Do you guys think I should add anything?

can you add little platforms in the air to jump on? also can you add a grabbing mechanic so i can grab the box and throw it into outer space?

Uhh... why would you want to throw it up so high?

well because chaos

If you want chaos, you could have gravity and a pendulum attached to another pendulum.

so i dont know how to do that so i just wanna fling things around

Maybe rocks you can break into a bunch of pieces...

that would be perfect but i stil dont know how to do that