Super Mario Fisch Season 1

I have made some animations using BYOB.
This is the 1st Season of Super Mario Fisch.
It's recommended that you download, unpack and watch any those animations using any version of windows.
Download Super Mario Fisch Season 1

Is it good? Is there any room for improvement?
Reply me, Please!

Much better way of sharing is to save them to your cloud account and then share them and publish the link here

More people will then look at your projects

Please, I don't have windows...

if you don't have Windows, what device are you using instead?
Have ya ever tried WineHQ?
It is a Open Source Software for running Windows applications on other operating systems.

His name is "fridolinux"; I think that's a clue. :~)

I am using Ubuntu, but this doesn't fit to my real name and Ubuntu is a Linux

If you're not using windows,
then please download WineHQ. :sweat_smile:
Then you can download, unpack and watch Super Mario Fisch without using any version of windows.
Reply me, please!