Summoning a dropdown list in the project

Hi. I am experimenting a bit with JavaScript. What I need is a script that can summon a dropdown list whose options are defined by a list, and doesn't return anything if the user closes it by clicking elsewhere.

I have already tried using custom dialog boxes, but I've determined that they don't fit much in the project I am trying to make.

Any help is very appreciated.

This is something that's actually being added to the next update. Just go here Snap! Build Your Own Blocks, then file > libraries > menus > import. I'd suggest you don't use this until the update is released though, since things can change.

Oh my, thanks a bunch.

I'm not seeing a "menus" option in the libraries dialog. What am I not understanding?

It didn't show up the first time for me either. Refreshing the page worked for me.
Screenshot 2022-05-30 14.38.31

I was talking about in the dev version. I also said

There are three possible problems you could be having:

  1. you aren't in 8dev,
  2. it hasn't updated the cache, or
  3. you simply missed it


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