Suggestions for JS controlling

  1. Do a seperate domain like github or replit.(mine would be like then)

  2. Sandbox JS like in ScratchX.But this doesn't work well as KA sandboxed their JS projects too but people like me (once called "the this hackers" in KA but that name was forgotten) used (function(){return this;})() to get the window object.

  3. Redefine things like DOM manipulation and localStorage to a prompted version and make the modifyed window object the window of the JSF.

Also, when you reimplement the libraries inside Snap! note that the HTTPS library is also a security risk.

Suggestion: Have the enable JavaScript button be in the editor, the project page and embeds, but have a confirmation message come up when you click it on the project page or an embed. Also please make a primitive to check if JS is turned on to avoid errors
(Replied here because the other topic is closed)

I agree.

This was already done at the 5.4.5 days but somehow Jens commented it out.

just do cors

Yes that would be really good so that new Snappers didn’t get confused on we’re to turn on JS and it’s just weird having to go in editor to run everything.


I think that's much better because you have to see the code

Yes but still what about new users who do not know how to enter editor or enable JS.

uh, it should be pretty obvious how to enter the editor. And if you are using a project with javascript, you should just put how to enable js extensions in the description, or just let them ask.

I mean press see code new users do not know about it.

the button says "see code" I think it should be obvious what that button does.

What about enabling JS.

How could they ask? If their new they might not know about the forums.

there's a button at the top of the webpage that says "Forum"
How else would you think anyone would know about the forum?

I didn’t notice the forum for like 2 weeks or more. I know people who do not know about the forum. They do not pay attention to it and even if they click it they may not know what it is.

yeah, but it's clearly there. New users will most likely notice it, if they're looking at the top of the webpage.

But they may not be driven out of curiosity to tap/click it.

Can we just say that there's a button for the forum, which is in plain sight (if you're at the top of the webpage), which there is no better way to show users that there's a forum (unlike scratch, which sticks the link to the forums at the bottom of the page, in small text, not easily noticeable by new users)