Subtitle renderer

i made a blocks library that renders captions on the stage, i feel like this could be useful for people making prerecorded presentations in snap

although it uses pen it should still work on top of other pen projects since it stores and restores pen trails within a warp block whenever it needs to render with the pen

supported features are listed in the project notes on the demo project, which shows off the main features using an example from the WebVTT standard

Cool! :sheep:


Very impressive project :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed!

Two critical notes / suggestions:

  1. Especially since some of the blocks have many input parameters, Help texts would be useful.
  2. I noticed that lines become somewhat blurred when reconstructed, as can be detected when using the following script with a second sprite: subtitle renderer script pic
  1. yeah sorry about that i was not in a comments/help text mood i was just trying to get it done, i might go back and add some of those in later today
  2. i'm not sure i can do anything about that, the blurring comes from capturing pen trails and re-stamping them, i've had this problem in various projects and i think it's just a minor issue with snap but if you know a workaround let me know :slight_smile:

edit: have now added help texts to most of the blocks in the project!

Much better!

I’m sorry to say I don’t have a workaround either.