Studios as in Scratch?

Can you create studios on here like you can in Scratch? If you can, how do you do that?

this needs to go in the "help with snap!" category

ok, added

In Snap!, they are called collections. This can be found on the homepage by moving your cursor over your username and clicking on My Collections.

I have taken the liberty of renaming this thread. "I have a question" is a really unhelpful name! It's a good question, just needed a more specific title.

Ok, I'm not used to this new world of Snap! I am only really used to Scratch because I grew up using that(Until they ended my happy experience with a ban, which I am still sad about because I had so many followers :sob:) please forgive me if I make any mistakes.

Here, you will never be sad because losing followers. Because there is no followers. But even if it's added, I think coding will still stay the biggest part of Snap!. But, was it a permanent ban? If so, do you know the reason why they banned you?

Welp, I have no idea if it is a permanent ban, I tried Emailing them, but they wont respond because of "Corona virus" so apparently they are getting SOOOO MUCH emails so they can't answer. And I have no idea why they banned me, probably because I was role playing with my friends, but I didn't say anything violent or a single curse word. Or people kept reporting my projects for fun, who knows.