Strange Circular Patterns

So I was making a untitled script pic (1) block, and I got it to work, and so I started doing some experiments with it... What I ended up getting was this - a program that could generate these pretty patterns and marble-looking things... Take a look for yourself, be patient.

I put the script in the warp block and it goes very quickly.

which script?

Wow! I have no idea why it does that. It's cool how basically nothing happens for a good while and then all of a sudden a whole ring appears, although I guess that's because of turbo mode. And after a while a sort of gear appears.

P.S. Secret feature for experts: You can right-click on a less-than block and choose "Relabel" and then you can make it a ≤ block. :~)

Thank you for this.

Also, yes, it is a bit of a strange phenomena.. It is why I chose to publish this, I like watching it :slight_smile:

I knew about this, I just never needed it.

You can switch turbo
untitled script pic - 2021-12-16T222155.515
to see details mid-run.

You can also just shift-click the green flag.

After a while, I got this:
Screenshot (242)



I would try different stage shapes to see if that affects the result. And turn those ±.01 constants into sliders.

??? Do you mean "sizes"? (i.e. 234x745, 236475x93857, etc.)

Here's 360x360 with ±0.1

Same but ±0.01


I mean the ratio of the height and width. I'd expect 360x360 to be a lot like 720x720, but different from 360x480.

Ah. When you originally wrote it, I thought you meant, say, a triangular stage, or a pentagonal stage, or something like that.

Plaaaaaay ball!


1440x1440 stage, with
untitled script pic - 2021-12-16T204213.963
in the forever loop:

Not into baseball, eh?

I like it.


Keep publishing your experiments, they're beautiful to watch.