Storing Data on Repl Servers (read post)

Project: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
Repl: snap-data-store - Replit

How it works: It grabs data from a HTML page in the repl. I need help being able to create new .html pages and being able to edit them to add data. I do not know PHP or SQL or alike or help. Basically I need help with blocks (create store value: [value]) (will also add user to store) then (set store [a-z + 1-50]) this block will also check if the person setting the data owns the store.

all stores are 1-50).html

You choose the hardest route.
To modify the HTML@Replit project (add/modify pages) you need to pretend editing it remotely. It's hard, and can be considered as an actual break-in into service.
You really need a cloud var server (Node.js, Python). There was, at least three announced here.

If you want to experiment with networking try MQTT blocks from Snap!


i know how to do this but I'm to lazy to code in python rn

feel ya

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