stop warp?

is there a way to stop a warp block in the middle like untitled script pic (3)

If you click and hold the stop button, it'll stop eventually (should be within seconds).

I mean, using scripts like the one I showed in the first post

No, if a script is WARPed, no other script is running at all, so no other script can do anything to affect the warped one. (But of course it can use STOP SCRIPT on itself.)

if you wish to explicitly yield inside a warped section - or inside a straight script which otherwise also wouldn't yield - you can use wait 0 secs to force a single yield.

Oh, is that what he meant? I thought he meant, you know, stop!

good question! I have no idea, but I thought this was a possible interpretation of his question to "stop warp" and then continue the script. Discussions with programmers and mathematicians often suffer from too much conciseness :slight_smile:

that did nothing, but I was asking if it's possible to stop a warp inside the warp. is that possible through js?

you can do anything by hacking JS, even if it's a bad idea :wink:

Why not have the warp block go around just the first set of scripts and put the second set of scripts after the warp block?

It might be conditional.

I'm still confused about what you mean by "stop a warp." Do you mean stop the script, or keep running the script but unwarped?

STOP THIS SCRIPT will do the former. As for the latter:

It took me a while to get this to work, and This should work, but doesn't. And the way it continues the FOR loop after escaping the WARP is specific to this example; you'd have to do something equivalent for whatever you're trying to do.

By the way, @jens, I wasn't sure escaping the warp like this would work. Congratulations on the non-fragility of call/cc!

Oops I take it back, it doesn't work; the code below the catch is still warped. This is a bug in call/cc. :~(

But this works:

yes, that' what I meant.

what if I have a script that I want to run forever but it's warped under a certain condition?

You duplicate it underneath the warp, as in my example.

Didn't You want to force the screen update/refresh during heavy computation?

idk, this was just something I thought of, and I might use this in a project