STCL - Snap Text Coding Language

STCL - Snap Text Coding Language

STCL is a text editing language. More things are coming to STCL and I am open to suggestions. For example you can do “The date is {date} and the time is {time}” “My username is {username}” We are currently working on variables being able to be used, an example of this is “{var=(var name)}” The goal of STCL is to make it so you can create documents and save them. When the output comes out you will see it’s in a list of each word. This is being worked on.

Link: STCL


{user} - Puts your user in.
{date} - Puts in the current date.
{time} - Puts in the current time.
{x} - Puts in current x position.
{y} - Puts In the current y position.
{direction} - Puts in the current direction.

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STCL uses JavaScript. The JavaScript in this project can detect your username/know who is using it. This is used in the {user} command. To run STCL properly you MUST turn JS on. You can do this by clicking on the settings icon and clicking “Enable JS.”