Static text project



This basically takes a string and draws all except some of the pixels. the longer the text and bigger the size the more it will lag. You can also find a cool () in () chance block inside.
(I used two libraries)

The () in () chance block can be improved:
I prefer to use percentages, because it's easier to understand and the code is easier to write.

this is how i do it

(a in b chance)
report (pick random a to b) = b

No, I think that's not right. Consider a specific example: 3 out of 4 chance. This is the same as a 75% probability. Your algorithm says (pick random 3 to 4) = 4, but that'll be true half the time (50%), not 75%.

ohhh i didn't know that they wanted a 75% chance :man_facepalming:

That only works when the first number is 1.

They want to be able to specify the odds! That's why functions take inputs. :~)