Start time for Snap!Con 2023

I clicked on the link to save the start event to my Google Calendar

The Snap!Con schedule says start time is 9:10 BST in my timezone (UK - UTC +1)


but when it got added to my calendar it put it in at 10:10 BST


Issue at my end or Snap! website end?

That's funny. I guess the calendar export is not working correctly and is keeping local times. @cycomachead any ideas?

Oh, ugh! Thanks for letting us know! I think I might be able to fix this soon.

Looks like it's a bug and just isn't aware of your set timezone. (Unless there's something else... but yeah.)

Just to verify: Is the start time at 4:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time?


Yes, Glen. But we put all (or almost all) USA-based presenters at a reasonable time for you. In two instances we couldn't accommodate the times, but one of them is okay with getting up super early at night, and the other one is submitting a video.