Stamp in color!

switch costume to solid color of any color

I love this!

The title is slightly misleading, I think, because stamping is the least of it. The cool part is changing the color of a costume.

(Which brings up a possible extension: Clicking on a sprite could remember the color of the costume pixel under the mouse, and then clicking on the color picker could change only that color in the costume to the new color.)

When I read the code and saw this:

I thought "you have to be able to do this without four copies of the same code," but it turned out that it wasn't obvious to me how. After a lot of putzing around, I came up with this:

I really want to be able to say

but no such luck. I'll keep trying...

if you want i can try

Up to you. If you do, let us know what you find!

untitled script pic (1)

is this better.

new ITEM_! script pic

new ITEM_! script pic (1)

stop using "/255" division is a slow calculation for computers to run it also is not as good as "min"

new ITEM_! script pic (2)

Oh yes! This is beautiful.

I thought about using FLATTEN, but, as you saw, it flattens too much. You only want one level of flattening. So instead of
stamps script pic (4)
just use APPEND and drag the MAP over its arrowheads to make it an input list:

i think thats the smallest possible. i love creating ideas like these.

Yes, you've really been cranking out projects! Well done.

ik. I honestly have been grinding code this year. i taught myself html5, JS, and then started doing everything that everyone said i cant. now im just messing around with every program i know. i just need people to feed me ideas

Do you know about Project Euler?

And, I think you didn't update the stamps project, unless you gave it a new name or something.


whats that

What's wrong with the obvious
stamps script pic (2)

takes too long never put if else in a large calculation that has to repeat multi thousand times

how do i make this an extention