Stage size without javascript

In a custom block, i need to know the stage size. I found 2 way but i want your advice.

From the getter/setter lib: needing to enable javascript. I don't think Jens want to make it javascript free...
From Stage:

By the way, who renamed the stage ? And why we are able to to this ?

edit: I don't realize the block My() contain Stage !

now i can do this:

Changing the language shouldn't break OF. I've recategorized this as a bug report.

bh: I will make a new thread for the bug

hmm, I thought I did that...

not this entire thread, only the bug part

15 posts were split to a new topic: Should Snap! support hackers?

Can you keep the reporter though? Then we could ask the people running our projects to turn on a certain setting if the reporter says it's off. Or vice versa.

It's better to use the of reporter because it doesn't use javascript, and it's the official way to get the stage size. Also, if you just want the stage size, the rest of the g/s lib options are unnecessary, and they just make the file size larger than it needs to be.

You can use the "Solution" button to mark someone as the solution comment without titling your post "Solved" :roll_eyes:

We don't have this option in request to the community...
(I know, i can change the category, click the solved bitton au change the categry again, but i don't do this for now...)

Then let me edit by turning this post into a Wiki post.

You can press the "..." button next to the reply button, then you can press the Gear (or Wrench) icon, and press "Make Wiki"

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