Stacking Cap Blocks

I was able to stack as many cap blocks as I wanted, simply by following the steps below:

Start with any script with two or more blocks.
untitled script pic
Make a script with a single block and whatever cap block you want to insert.
untitled script pic (1)
Drag your cap block script into the middle of your initial script.
Screenshot 2024-06-18 141457
You have now stacked an unstackable cap block.
untitled script pic (2)
You can now delete the helper block if you want.
untitled script pic (3)
Bug reports Snap! Bugs

I seem to be unable to add photos to a post or reply, so I cannot show what it looks like. I hope my description is sufficient. (I wonder whether this limitation is because I am new to Snap!)

Don't worry, this is a known "bug" that I think almost everyone should know what you're talking about.

As I said, this is a known "bug" that is probably never going to be fixed, mainly because it doesn't actually affect anything.

because it doesn't actually hurt anything. (So as not to start an argument about what counts as an effect.)