Sprite stamp with ghost effect 99 doesnt work properly

I wanted to make a fading pen effect in this project but it looks like... not working properly.
its like it stops stamping over after some point.. whats the matter? any possible solution for this scenario?

that is a certainly peculiar occurrence

Been running it for 2 minutes and it never stops working
Win10/Vivaldi browser

I think they mean that you can still see trails from two minutes ago. Even though the project does look nicer if you can still see the old trails.

To help with the trails, try stamping with a smaller ghost effect (more opaque) less often, like this:
Lissajous Curve script pic
With this, since the fade sprite only stamps every 5 times Lissajous Curve script pic (2) is run, you can use a smaller ghost effect. 90 seems to work well for me.

Another way to speed up your program by around 10 times is to replace the Lissajous Curve script pic (4) blocks with a variable that you change every loop. For example,
Lissajous Curve script pic (5)
Hope this helps!

yes it worked! I also applied your other suggestion. its running much smoother now

this is right. I didnt want it to run like that because when you change veriables.. that mess never goes away

Wow, how is the color transition so smooth?

you can clear it when the variables change

well that would make it like .. while we are changing the veriables, it will constantly clear the screen so it will look lame as "first adjusting veriable then running the simulation" :no_mouth:

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