SPRITE renaming

I was reviewing my project and realized I had to rename a Sprite. I am using key sprites to align others using references to the key ones.
Wow, once I renamed it, nothing worked anymore !
Then I realized that renaming the Sprite does not go through code blocks and change all the Sprite references !
Really ?
This throws everything I have off kilter !
So it's either rename manually or not rename ?
Please say it's not so...

Oh I see, I should have read this one first!

You're pulling at the end of a long cord. All those blocks with pulldown menus of names of sprites would in a perfect world be menus of the sprites themselves, or at least should turn themselves into references to the named sprite once the user picks one. But that'd be a major redesign. Of course we inherit the block semantics from Scratch, where sprites aren't first class and so it makes perfect sense to use names of sprites to represent them.

I'm not even going to try engaging Jens in that conversation until he gets out from under Morphic.

Maybe there's no need !
It turned out to be as simple as opening the project XML file and doing a search / replace for what I needed.