<sprite> is touching <sprite2> block?

I got an idea for a new feature. What about a "sprite is touching sprite2" block?

untitled script pic
Already exists

That exists:

There may not be (sorry,i use google translate)
Only blocks touched by this sprite exist

<[sprite v]is touching [sprite2 v]>::sensing

@therecreatormaster, @sy_ys2013swap: Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry your thread immediately filled up with self-indulgent off-topic replies. That really doesn't happen here very often, and it's unfortunate that you experienced it on your first posts.

There actually was a good answer in there:

You can use the ASK block to apply any other block to a different sprite, so it expands the TOUCHING block to do what you want. If you want, you can build your own block using that technique:

untitled script pic (3)

If you want to make the two inputs have menus of sprites instead of empty rectangles, it's a little more complicated but not too bad:

  1. If your block isn't already open in the Block Editor, right-click on it and select Edit.
  2. In the hat block at the top, cllick on the orange "spriteA" oval.
  3. You'll see a box like this:
  4. Click on the :arrow_forward:︎ triangle at the right edge. Then you'll see this:
  5. Click the quarter-gear gear button in the corner.
  6. Click "menu"
  7. Click "objects"
  8. Click the gear again.
  9. Click "read-only"
  10. Click OK
  11. Repeat steps 2-10 for spriteB.
  12. Click OK for the Block Editor.

Now you have
untitled script pic (4)

How did you get the gear icon?

He said the corner, and the image shows a gear in the bottom-right CORNER.

I know this, I'm asking how he got the gear icon to use in the forums

I got it here by opening image in new tab and then dragging it in the space, I don't know how @bh did it, though.

Shift-click the Snap! logo, enter dev mode, right-click the button, choose "pic."


a SymbolMorph: "gearPartial" [1000@540 | 19@19]
a PushButtonMorph 1 [997@537 | 25@25]

Something I just learned: the "Make a block" dialog can go into the rest of the world outside of the ide in dev mode

That's because dialogs are not children of the ide.

yeah i didn't realize that

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