Spreadsheet importing

It would be really cool if there were some way for a student to directly import a spreadsheet from Google Sheets or through a link to downloadable CSV. (Maybe I'm missing something, but as it stands, it appears the only way to do an import is to upload from the programmer's machine.)

Perhaps an IMPORT reporter block so the programmer can do:

SET myvar to IMPORT [URL]

resulting in myvar containing the contents of the spreadsheet in table form?

If such a thing already exists, please excuse my naivete!

The problem is that almost all the online cloud storage providers make directly importing a file from a URL very difficult or obscure


for some methods of importing some types of files

Note some of the blocks don't work as the file they are referencing no longer exists

hmm... I've just tried my favorite data set source - CORGIS - and since it's all hosted publicly on Github I can simply do this:

to import and parse the data set. I could also use this expression to assign it to a variable.

Is this too complicated?

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