Spreadsheet Host Service

So I made a project for hosting stuff.
Think Roblox's follow game service.

The way this works is through a Google Sheet- grabbing the whole first row, as long as every cell has an asterisk as the very last character- and turning it into a list. Yep. It all fits into a "launch" block too, so you can do whatever else and just keep this nice.

Explanation for setting up a server for yourself or reading from one:
In setting it up, you just need to type in the first row of a Google Sheet with sharing set to anyone with the link can view. Then, put an asterisk (*) as the last character of every cell you are going to write in. Now copy the link to your spreadsheet, and input it when it asks you for a link.

If you are reading a different person's sheet, all you need is the link to that sheet. Yep, that's it!

Link to Project!

Where is the project... ?