Split by sentence

Is it possible to make a split by sentence block?

Yes. Split ext by (drag join [.])

yes but what about things like
"They went to A.M.C. this afternoon."
"Which lemon is it?"
"That's not good!"
and anything with an ellipsis (i couldnt think of any sentences that used ellipses)

And another issue is spaces after the . etc

There should (but may not be) at least one (I'm old so I always use 2) and someone might have used 3 or more

And the space may not be an actual ASCII 32 char - it might be a tab or a newline or a cr or a cr and a newline
etc etc etc

It would make an excellent programming exercise :slight_smile:

I tried making one before, but there were too many rules and eventually I gave up.

I have made one block that splits a text into a list of sentences for a big project that hosts lots of custom blocks. You can find that here. It you dig into the operators category, you should see a "split %text by sentence block"

Thank you for this!
[offtopic] That project takes like 40 seconds to load lol [/offtopic]

Good grief! What a huge block collection! But you're not taking full advantage of it; here's the cool way to make a keep-if-not block:

Notice that I unringified the COMPOSE block.

What is COMPOSE?
Where can I find it?

Note the explicit ringification of the CALL block.

It's in the "Iteration, composition" library. :~)

Hey,a bunch of improvements

i didn't look for more


I think "bugs" is putting it strongly for things in which you'd prefer a different UI choice.


It worked!!!

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