SPL - Snap! Power Language Similar to TileW@!

kind of like Brainf*** ? ? ? ? ? ?

read the notes of the project

Link: Snap! SPL (berkeley.edu)

Similar to @odysseus_ssb's TileW@!!

comments are just regular words in the editor.


How do I run a program?

read the notes please

It says how to write it, not how to actually run it which is what I can't do.

To Make the Sprite Go Right, 5 Times, Then Wait, 5 seconds, the Hide, then Wait 2 seconds, then Show, then go up 10, then left 3:

> > > > > wait(5) hide() wait(2) show() + + + + + + + + + + < < <

I get how to write the code, but how do you make it run the code you have written?

Edit: also you forgot '}' at the end didn't you?

Tab key. im gonna add that in notes

ok thanks

I wouldn't mind if you implemented the < and > to take a numerical input like in TileW@!! how you can have a numerical input after (<, >, ^ and v). I think it would add a bit to your language as well.

i was going to make a token to a certain x and y, but i did not want it to be too similar to your TileW@!!.

TileW@!! isn't meant to be taken seriously so I don't mind whatever happens to it. It's an esolang which basically means it's made so that it technically can do quite a bit but it's meant to be frustrating (I definitely got frustrated a lot writing it.)

i love esoteric programming

I mostly did it because it's my first programming language so I wanted to not have the pressure to acheive full usability, but maybe I'll make more esolangs.

I feel appreciated but I don't think it's that similar.

There is one thing I dislike about your language it's the output method. I think it would be cool if you could do either

  • Make it so that <, >, + and - can take inputs, and also add controlling a pen through the language (penup, pendown, clear)
  • Have the output be an array of pixels

I also prefer my system of storing keywords through variables than yours through if else statements (but I can see it having its uses).
You could use a system like this;

This is very similar to the system in TileW@!!, but imo better.

its also meant to not be that easy, the pen thing, i might add.

What's not? The language itself or for you to implement the feature?

the language, its supposed to be limited

Okay. It seems like it does have real potential though.

maybe so but im too f*****g mad right now to use snap at all after the cloud did not save v2