Spinny wheel

I made a spinny wheel!
The wheel itself proved too hard to draw, so I instead made it by writing a script that stamped a triangle several times. The color effect wasn't very consistent, so that's why there's an absence of yellow.
Anyway hope you enjoy!


Good work !

Nice. What I found myself wanting was a way to label the sections, like the Wheel of Fortune one. And, if I were a D&D player I'd want a choice of 6, 12, or 20 sections. :~)

Yeah, I wanted to make a way to label the sections, but a bunch of problems started popping up and I decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

As for having different amounts of sections, I think that might be doable. I'll try to implement it.
Edit: I spent, honestly, way too much time trying to get the wheels to look right. It never worked. :(

Want to share a not-looking-right version? Maybe we could help.

These two,
are the most common.
Edit: While trying out the process again to screenshot the bugs, I accidentally made a good-looking 7-sided wheel, so I added it to the project and now you can access it with the arrow keys. I doubt that kind of luck will happen again, but at least it worked once.
[slightlyofftopic] One of them ended up looking pretty cool, though.
Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 8.49.20 AM

Oh, I see. You're just guessing at the angle at the center? How about this:


Thank you! :') I updated the project with a 12-sided wheel.

Make a slider!

i thnk he means something like this: Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 10.32.05 AM

Ohhh, yeah.
I was planning on making a settings menu at some point, maybe I'll include that as one of the options.
Edit: Part of the reason I made it the way I did is so that you can't spin a wheel and swap it out at the same time. The slider might not work with that.

Just make the slider control one variable, and have a different variable that actually controls the program, and then after the wheel spins, update the variable inside with the value from the slider.

Hmm, could there be a way to smooth out the edges? When I tried to make a 4-sided one it ended up looking like being a square.

A 4-sided one is a square! :~P I guess you could try to move 90 instead of 100 and then draw a radius-10 quarter-circle. Or have a quarter-circle costume and stamp it.