Speed up and slow down sound

I need help with speeding up part of a sound, by editing the samples. I don't want to change the frequency at all (unless it's the full sound).

It's really complicated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_time_stretching_and_pitch_scaling
Here's a web page I found that's a bit more readable than Wikipedia:
There are also free online services that'll do it for you.

the reason I want to do it in snap, is for my sound editor project. I also don't care about changing pitch.

I'll read through the resources so I can understand how to do it.

edit: my mind can't stay focused on reading.

But earlier you said "I don't want to change the frequency at all (unless it's the full sound)." Frequency = pitch.

I mean, I don't care if the pitch changes. All I care about is that I can speed up and slow down part of a sound, well, I don't care if the sped up part changes pitch.

Oh! Well then it's easy. Just leave out some of the samples. If you leave out every other sample, that'll double the speed. If you want a less extreme speedup you leave out every tenth sample or whatever.

(Or, alternatively, change the sampling frequency. That's what the PLAY SOUND __ AT __ HZ block does.)

But, surprisingly to me, it also doubles the pitch.

If I understand the samples correctly, the numbers are amplitudes of waves. Local maxima (numbers higher than the ones next to it) are the crests and local minima are the troughs. At higher frequencies, those maxima are closer together. By removing samples, there are fewer samples between maxima, so they are closer together and the frequency and pitch increase.

Yes, exactly. That's how they recorded the Alvin and the Chipmunks records. :~)

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