Special toggles

hold shift and then click file, cloud or settings button to get special toggles, the special toggles will appear red

settings before:
Screenshot 2020-09-25 at 12.58.56 PM
settings after:

C o o o l

Something to keep in mind: When we hide an option, it's not because it's a secret and only the cool kids get to use it. It's for one of three reasons:

  1. It's an old option, now thoroughly integrated into Snap!, and there's no reason for anyone to turn it off. Example: zebra coloring.

  2. It's an old option, now rejected because it didn't work (ex.: Project URLs) or something has changed in the overall implementation to make it no longer relevant (ex.: Prefer smooth animations).

  3. It's a new option, not fully implemented, and too flaky to let users depend on it (ex.: JIT compiler support).

The point is, in cases 2 and 3, selecting the option will probably break something; in case 1, deselecting the option will probably break something.

If you file a bug report and it turns out that you've messed with these settings, you will be struck by lightning bolts from Jens's house atop Mount Olympus.

You're not going to blow up your computer or anything; you just might freeze Snap!.

i turned off blurred shadow edges and it made the shadows nicer

I have "table lines" turned on because it looks better in my opinion

Hmm...I don't know if I should laugh or be terrified. I did both.

Ok, good, because I am not a cool kid. phew.

:0 there is a "Prefer smooth animations!?! Ooooo, much more better animations, yay!

I wonder how you use the "Live coding support"....

i agree.
its nice and no one should turn it off


yep, that's right, don't use it! That setting is only in there (hidden), so we can turn it OFF for (very) old projects that still store it. Basically my advice is not to use any of those settings, like Brian said :slight_smile:

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Then I will just test them out then.

Can I test them out though? They look nice......

there's no reason not to

Also what does the zebra coloring do?

with zebra coloring on
with zebra coloring
with zebra coloring off
with zebra coloring off

and the inputs dialog changes as well,

the grey used to be dark blue in snap 5, but in snap 6, it's grey (I just found that out)

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