Special key detection

While experimenting with the key pressed boolean, I discovered that snap has special key detection like enter, backspace, shift, tab, etc. However, I can't figure out how to get it to detect the ctrl key. I'm aware that ctrl doesn't carry across all computers (command for mac as an example), and because of this, snap may not have the feature of detecting ctrl, but I was wondering if there is a way to detect it. I've tried ctrl and control and they both don't work. Is there any way to detect the ctrl key?
By the way, the way I'm testing it is by using a wait until key pressed block with a join operator inside of the dropdown field, and changing the text in the join operator to different keys. I then run the block and press the key to see if it stops running.

Snap register "ctrl control" but unfortunately it's latched forever. There are still some problems with key modifiers handling.

Right, the problem isn't that keys are different on the Mac; it's that we don't see modifier keys until an actual character key is pressed. That is, we catch characters rather than keypresses. I'd love to have that, too -- although it also would possibly interfere with the Snap! user interface.

Thanks for your input, both of you.