Speak Block acts like it isnt there when clicking run code

So everytime I click the green flag it starts playing the audio for the speak block. It continues playing the audio but completely skips onto the next broadcast block and asks the question while the audio is still playing. When I click the pause or the red flag, the second broadcast with actions stops working, but the voice continues on, as if it doesn't care that I pressed stop. It'll just continue on till it is finished. It will do the costume switch on the first broadcast and then skip over the speak actions like nothing and go onto the second broadcast, but the audio for the broadcast speech will just play over it all.
What do I do???

Are you sure you're using this block?


This block waits for audio to stop before moving on.

No. I was using the one that just said speak. I just switched it to the speak and wait and now it is working. Thank you!