Spanish civil war roleplaying game


ramps up production of gold

I would like to send a diplomat to Portugal.

I start producing as much food as I can.


stop saying that please

I accept peace negotiations

This is 1936-1939, if my sources are correct. There aren't any Nukes!

I'm a outside entity.

They mysteriously appeared!

note: portugals monarchy dosen't exist by the time this war happened but lets say it was restored

Sweetness! Let's form an alliance, so that when other nations take up arms, we'll be ready.


you cant do anything, i can

this is the rules

announces that portugal is a kingdom

  1. I'm an outside entity.
  2. They appeared mysteriously, I didn't make them appear.

nukes dont exist anymore

now play as a country or watch or just get out

gains 500 from speeding production of gold

by the way does the map change after someone wins a war. I know that wars can't happen yet

Nukes the whole area, destroying everything 100% and then leaves

wars can happen now

maps dont change ig, its spain without the s to recreate it