sounds and costumes missing in the menue in an offline installation

I am working with the offline version and just realized that sounds and costumes are there as part of the download.
But I cant reach them from the menu. I just have to find the folder in my directory. Is there any way I can configure the offline version, so the Menu points directly to the folder???
Or is this a feature request?

kind regards,

Uh, I don't think so. Mine is offline too, and I think it's because it's offline, and you din't get to access the cloud, and all the buttons "open", "import", "costumes", "sounds", "libraries", work similar (pop up a window that looks like your computer's which you select a file from).

Sorry if my explanation is unclear. I hope it is.

If you run a web server on your machine and serve Snap! to localhost, then all the ancellary files will be found, I think. If you're running it in some standalone framework like node.js then it won't find them.

OK. Thanks!