Sound recording won't save

It's not saving when I press "save", it just sits there, frozen and it won't save and the box thing won't go away

This is also a feature request. MAKE IT EASIER TO RECORD.

which browser are you using? This is a known and expected problem in Safari.

I am using chrome

hmm... that's... unlikely. Which OS and Chrome version are you using?

Uhhh, an HP Chromebook....i don't know what chrome version I'm using...

I'm noticing that the buttons are ghosted in your screenshot. This happens when you / the system later disallowed usage of the microphone. Make sure your browser and session has permission to use the microphone and / or the camera. You can usually change the permissions in Chrome by clicking on the microphone symbol in the url bar or in Chromes's settings tab.

My microphone was enabled. I always enable my was recording fine, but then when I went to save it, the buttons appear ghosted and it won't save.

Buttons are disabled also during saving.
Saving took as long as the recorded sound duration. So for long recording, it may look frozen.
I've got exactly the same screen by clicking play during pending save of long recording.
Now buttons are permanently disabled and the sound recorder stuck on the screen.

Maybe some patience is required :wink:

oh ok....I didn't know that XD

I suggest you use an external voice recorder and then load the sound file in there

Yes. It always has to play the sound first.