Sound file is not uploading

I'm making an elevator simulation but using (hopefully) more compact logic with Snap! that Scratch is incapable of.

Two of my sound files upload perfectly well, but the third one, for some reason, does not.

Instead, the sound length is 0:00, when it should be 2 seconds. Clicking Play makes the Play button turn into a Stop button, but the sound does not play at all.

They are all .wav files.

How can I troubleshoot this? If you need the files, how can I share them with you?

.wav files don't work great in Snap!. Try importing the third one into the Scratch audio editor and redownloading it.

The Scratch audio editor exports as .wav

I know, but for some reason something is changed when it goes into the Scratch editor.

I tried it anyways, and there was no effect.

I have an audio editor, would turning it into another file format do the trick? If so, which should I choose?

Try mp3.

You can also go to and convert it there.

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