Someone give me a cool idea

someone give me a cool idea

Maybe converting my Scratch projects to Snap!?


But Github is blocked for me.

not much you can do then


any actually cool ideas?

Wait, why wasn't my idea "cool"?

not possible

What do you mean? I don't get it.

it is not possible to recreate snapinator in snap

Not what I meant.

Didn't you posted a link of snapinator recently?

Well, they're saying you can't recreate snapinator in snap.

By the way, it is entirely possible to create snapinator in snap, as what you mainly ned is to be able to read the project.json file, and the images / audio, which snap can do all. The only problem would be extracting the sb3 file without javascript.

um infact using entirely snap it is not possible because it has unknown characters. also snapinator has to rearrange the code which to do in snap would be almost impossible

I guess you've never looked inside a scratch project file. Seriously, once you extract it (it's just a zip file with a different extension), you can see all the costumes, sounds, and a project.json file. The project.json file is a plain text json file that can be parsed using snap's (split [] by [json]) block, and then you can read the data to create a snap xml file.

It is entirely possible once you extract the files.

what are you gonna do with cloud and blocks or any block that isnt in snap

Many users have created cloud variables in snap (use the forum search), and for any other block, you will most likely be able to recreate using the existing blocks in snap.

i still cant figure it out. i want to use google sheets (make an api apps script) and the js