Somebody is trying to hack everyone!


Idk what to do!

same for me...

same for me as well...
Recommendation: Please DO NOT click on the links

pretty sure the links are safe, but if you don't want to reset your password, don't click on them.

Same for me. We need to identify this hacker and do something to prevent him/her.

That is the official snapcloud email, but people are trying to reset everybody's password

I hav not gotten it… yet. So someone has found all of our passwords.. great.

Aw SH#T...That's A LOT WORSE!

no one found our passwords. You can request for a password change by clicking "forgot password" when logging in. You just need to know your username to request a password reset using this method.

It happened to me.

That's not true. When you try to log in, you can select "forgot password" which sends a password reset link to the user's email.

email* not everyone uses gmail.


It's a common mistake (and everyone knows what gmail is, even if they don't use it)


When I got spammed with temporary password emails from NetsBlox, I emailed brian. He said it was most likely a "juvenile prank". Its probably the same person.

Edit: got another email
Edit: And another

This list will probably go on and on and on for at least 50 times.

Yes, exactly.

People, please try not to post panicky messages every time you get a password reset email you didn't ask for. It's no big deal. Just delete the email and get on with your life.

I don't often check the e-mail and this message is only one:

I got this, but ignored it.