Some text inputs should be multi-line

I find myself doing this:

untitled script pic

Without using multiline the text is too long to see all of it and it is ugly.

and it occurred to me that blocks like ask should just support multi-line input directly. There are probably many other examples of this.

One of the main issues of defaulting things to multiline is that spaces aren't highlighted with the little brown dot

Which can cause issues, especially for learners.

But your probably right in that this one could default to multiline without any issues - apart from the issue that it would be non-standard

#Swings #Roundabouts :slight_smile:

Afterthought - maybe time for multiline to make it in as main category block rather than library though?

If it defaulted to multiline, I would assume the text in the ask box (when you use the ask block on the stage or a hidden sprite) would also be multiline. It would make a whole lot more sense.

Problem with that is that we then couldn't use the enter key to finish answering

When did they say that your answer had to be multi-line as well? I don't think there are a lot of instances where your answer has to conform to that.

ego-lay_atman-bay was the one who suggested that the answer to should also be multiline - I was replying to them

I never said that, I was talking about this text

Sorry - misunderstood

Didn't comprehend this bit properly

I said that because if you use the ask block in a sprite that is shown, it puts the text in a speech bubble, which supports multiline text.

I would worry about breaking the keyboard editor... maybe we should say shift-enter puts a newline in the input text, or something like that?

And I think multiline text (but maybe not "code" (monospace) text) should have the brown dots!

yeah, I agree with that.

Discord does shift+enter to create new lines, so it definitely works and is comfortable for people.

I assume shift-enter could work for ALL text inputs.

Yeah, that's why it has to be shift-enter rather than just enter!

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