Some Supa Cool Projects I made

Here are some fun games for you to play, I made a lot of these and I want your feedback on them.

[Ventai and The Level War](Snap! Build Your Own Blocks? user=octronica&project=Ventai%20%26%20the%20Level%20War%20(Alpha)) A horizontal side boss rush game.

Audrical Dogfight A full range Boss Fight against a space parasite.

Clones Shooting Clones Tech Demo A tech demo where I experiment with clone sprites shooting cloned sprites. I recommend you see the code if you plan to make a game using clones that shoot things (Like I do a lot).

Astro Defender Speaking of which, this project is similar to Audrical Dogfight but with normal enemies and 2 bosses. (Hitting the X key will automatically spawn the second boss.)

Grants Picks: My top projects (IMO)

Bossfights: I make a lot of these. Enjoy slaying them all, cuz there very tough

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Fixed first link:

[Ventai and The Level War](


I tried ventai and the level warrior but Im actually dogtrash at the game

Its very hard on medium difficulty onward. Even I have trouble beating it. The first boss is pretty easy, the second one is kinda challenging, the third is less so but has alot of HP, and the fourth one is very hard to beat. Im currently working on the 5th and final boss who will be the longest, beefyest, and toughest of them all! And Im working on an in game restart feature.

By the way, pro tip: Use Q and M for abilities.

and finaly: Theres a secret difficulty in the game if you want to try it out.

the boss fight collection doesnt exsit

I made it public. Check again. If it dosent work, then reply.

Thanks, but next time just reply to me and not the post.