Some questions about Snap on Android tablet

Revisiting this question as I don't have an Android tablet to test myself, our students do, and we have a decision to make about using Snap.

@jedi_force @ego-lay_atman-bay could you please help?

(1) Does offline mode work? i.e. download Snap, unzip, open the snap.html file?
(2) Is resizing the Snap editor panes reliable?
(3) Is the right-click menu on sprites, scripts, ... reliable?
(4) Does audio work? Add some sound (from the Libraries, Costumes, Sounds menu) to a sprite, then play that sound.

Separately (and a much longer shot), how about an Android phone?


You don't need to download the source code, you just need to go to Snap! Build Your Own Blocks in chrome, then tap on the text at the bottom that might show up saying, "Add Snap! to Home Screen". If that doesn't pop up, then you can tap the 3 dots and select "Add to Home screen". This should download snap to work offline, and you'll even get a shortcut on the home screen.

Kind of, but you can try yourself.

Yes, I made sure of that, but if you're having issues with it, just increase the dragging threshold.

In case you didn't know, I actually added a tap and hold threshold to make getting the right-click menu on mobile devices easier, and it got into snap (well, it got into morphic.js, then into snap).

Yes, sounds do reliably work (not on ios though, android works just fine).

Well, it works, can't say it's a good experience though. I suggest you use a tablet if you can.

The biggest issue is when the keyboard shows up. It can cover areas that you want to type, and when you click out of an input, the keyboard sticks. You need to press the button to close the keyboard if you want to get rid of it.

I know it works, because I'm testing it on an android phone (I don't have an android tablet).

It's not bad. It's better than the last time I checked, which was sometime last year or earlier, I can drag blocks relatively quickly. The other day I was able to put numbers in, but yesterday I had to use the slider mode and it wasn't really reliable.
Maybe put a mobile mode in the settings section? Iunno tho. I'd use it as a demo but strongly recommend the desktop version.

Hi! Yes, it does work great for all of the four points you mentioned. I would say a larger screen, is better. I've tried using it on my android a few times; it works well, but it's a little clunky as you can only make the stage so small. In terms of functionality, you can pretty do all of the same things from a phone, tablet, etc. as you can on a computer. The interface is the same, so you are fitting a lot of content onto a tiny screen. That would be one downside; however, you can always zoom in/out of blocks.

Of course, another downside is, you can't use any shift+click shortcuts (which do work on ios).

Thank you @jedi_force @ego-lay_atman-bay, this was very helpful.

Callietastrophic, thanks (forum allows max 2 @ mentions)

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