Some code editor suggestions

These features are from a browser extension for Scratch called Scratch Addons, but would speed up coding in Snap! quite a bit. (So I think this isn't a "implement a Scratch feature just because Scratch has it" suggestion.)

General features:

  • Find bar: Pretty self-explanatory. Might be located next to the scripts/costumes/sounds tabs, and would search for variables, broadcasts and custom blocks. Searches across sprites.

Middle click features:

  • MIddle-click jumping: Middle-click (or alt+click) on a broadcast, variable or custom block prototype anywhere (inclduding the block palette) to find all uses of it using the find bar. Middle-click on a custom block usage (not the prototype) to open up its definition, or focus it if it's already open.
  • Middle-click block search: Middle-click on the workspace empty areas to open up a popup block search you can drag out blocks from. Basically a quicker way to access block search.

Block dragging features:

  • Block cherry picking: Hold Ctrl before dragging a block to only drag that block and nothing below it. Pretty self-explanatory. EDIT: This is already implemented, but it's bound to Shift instead of Ctrl.
  • Quick block duplication: Hold Alt before dragging a block to duplicate that block and everything below it, like the Duplicate option in the right click menu. Hold Ctrl alongside Alt to duplicate only that block, like the equivalent option also in the right click menu.

Welcome to Snap!

  • Search / find blocks: That's what the search button in the palette is for, alternatively press Ctrl-F.
  • Type blocks and whole scripts using just the keyboard: the "keyboard" button in the scripting area, or shift-click
  • Senders / implementors of messages: In the "broadcast" or "When I receive" blocks' context menus.
  • Rename variables: Likewise in the variable blocks' context menus.
  • Relabel one block into another w/o having to pull the script apart: Yep, in the blocks' context menus
  • Extract a single block: Context menu or shift-drag
  • Duplicate / Delete single blocks: Context menu
  • Open a definition: Context menu
  • identify a sprite in the stage: Double-click on its icon in the corral
  • edit a sprite on the stage: Double-click on the sprite
  • change a sprite's rotation center: "Pivot" context menu entry
  • adjust a (nested) sprite's position: context menu
  • nest sprites together: drag icons from corral onto the target sprite in the stage

The reason I'm suggesting some of these shortcuts is because the alternative is slower. Like the context menu ones. I think it's harder to right click, aim the mouse for an item then click instead of just hovering over a block and pressing a single button.

When I need to be really fast I only use the keyboard to enter blocks and scripts. The other options better be in the context menu, so folks can discover them on their own. Real power users write Higher Order Functions and Hyperblocks instead of long scripts anyway :wink:

More thorough response:

That searches the block palette, not the scripting area.

I get this one, okay.

That only highlights the sprites, which isn't very helpful if said sprites have a lot of scripts.

Where did I mention these?

I eventually found that out, that's why I crossed it out later.

Those are slower than shortcuts/mouse button actions.

I think he was just listing other possible features that could be added. Maybe I'm wrong.

I think he was just mentioning a bunch of the features.

I agree. Many times, when I switch from scratch to snap, I sometimes press ctrl+space to find a block.

Also, it would be nice to have a built in copy/paste feature, instead of just having to use a userscript.

(a little offtopic)
That's what I use in IDLE (Python) to open up an auto-complete menu.

I'd like that as well. (you can technically do this, (right-click a script, "download script") but that puts a file on your computer, and I have a lot of files in my downloads folder. (mostly Snap! projects.))

I just created a folder on my computer specifically for snap files, which saves a lot of space in my downloads folder, but it's folder still is the largest folder on my pc...

How do you get the browser to download to that folder?

I just turn on ask where to save files, and then I just pin the folder to quick acces so I can get to the folder quickly.

That'd be great for me, I'll see if I can find it.

Edit: Found it.

It should be in the downloads section of your browser settings

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