Some astro-related satellite problem

when i run this code, it says "expecting a list but getting text

Can you share the project, or give us the values of the variables? We can't help if we don't know what's in the sets variable.

BTW. You map longitude and latitude of the satellite to screen coordinates to display an icon over map of the World?
So rather untitled script pic (63) should be used.


satellites sprite


3 hours and no response, perfection

This is not a funded User Support service. This is random people showing up when they have time. Be thankful when someone offers to help, rather than annoyed when you wait three hours for a response.


And there may be people who see your post, but not know how to help, so they don't say anything (that's me).

ill rewrite the code instead, it should be different sprites for each sprite

  1. Check if your "sats" contain any data.
  2. Create clones AFTER "sats" is filled with sat positions.

Calling untitled script pic (65) failed with the CORS error. Does it work for you if API key is provided?