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send a script pic of the code. thats not working

yeah for some reason script pics seem to be bugging out recently

yeah now i have no clue what he did

If I'm understanding what you're after here, I think it's kind of a wrongheaded thing to want. Namely, it sounds like you're trying to recreate the Scratch notion of a list being a special kind of variable, so every list has a name. But they don't do that because they think it's the right thing; they do it because in Scratch lists aren't first class values. You can't use a list as part of a larger expression, as in

So you don't "hav[e] to always input a variable"! Using menus of variable names as inputs to list-domain functions makes no more sense than using menus of variable names as inputs to any other kind of function.
Monosnap Snap! Streams library v2 wip 2024-06-09 08-57-44

no im allowing the function of how snap lists work with the addition of instead of dragging out a variable it has that option there.

what im adding is just a little bit of convenience im not changing the current functionality of lists tho

Whatever. Do what you want, but I still say, why are lists different from any other kind of data with respect to "dragging out a variable"?

because i thought to do lists. whats wrong with what im doing. it adds a lot of convenience

It's okay. Do what you want. It just feels to me like a regression to Scratch. But, you do you.

just because scratch has the feature doesnt make it bad. and the snap! list functionality still works